DIY Infrared Thermometer

There is an inexpensive device MLX90614 (Datasheet PDF) – Infra Red Thermometer in TO-39. It’s intended to measure the temperature ranging from -20°C to +120°C. Measurement accuracy is ~ 0.5°C. Bus connection: SMBus. Price sensor on AliExpress or other online stores is $ 15-20.

DIY Infrared Thermometer

Connection to Arduino is very simple:

Connection to Arduino


The guys from bildr written library to connect to the Arduino, for which they thank you.

Me it was just assembled a small device in the housing with the information output on the LCD-display from Nokia 5110.


Wires of MLX90614 sensor and pull-up resistors 4k7 were neatly packed in shrink tube.


Arduino board was powered by two Li-Ion battery 3.7V. The sensor MLX90614 and LCD are powered by 3.3V, which is taken from the board Arduino.

Nokia 5110 is connected as follows:
– Pin 7 – Serial clock out (SCLK)
– Pin 6 – Serial data out (DIN)
– Pin 5 – Data / Command select (D / C)
– Pin 4 – LCD chip select (CS)
– Pin 3 – LCD reset (RST)

When you connect the display to the other pins, you need to change the pin numbers in the initialization function LCD.


Was added to the power switch and all was staffed in the case.

Project on GitHub

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